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5 Nov 2015

A great literary treasure unearthed by Society President Stephen Whiteside

Dear fellow C.J. Dennis Society members,

My recent interview on ABC 774 with Libbi Gorr has yielded an unexpected treasure.

A talkback caller, David Hume, rang to say that his grandfather, Walter Hume, was a friend of C.J. Dennis and received from him, as a gift, the original pencil-written manuscript of Dennis' famous poem, "An Old Master", written in 1910.

David has since provided me with a copy of the manuscript, together with a letter that Dennis wrote to Hume in 1935.

I have placed these documents, together with my rendition of the corrections, on my website. You can find them at the following links:

Thank you to David Campbell for making a number of helpful suggestions and further corrections.

Best wishes,
Stephen Whiteside

The C.J. Dennis Society